Taste Masking Pellets Manufacturers

Ravoos Laboratories, Taste Masking Pellets Manufacturers keeping in mind the precise demands of clients, we offer a wide collection of Taste Masking Pellets and Taste Masking Granules across the world. These are available as per the client requirements and demands, manufactured using top quality raw materials, these pellets and granules ensure high effectiveness and reliability. Following the precise demands of clients, we offer these taste masking pellets in various range of strengths.


Taste Masking Pellets:

Many drugs have an unpleasant taste and taste masking is thus necessary to obtain palatable formulations. Taste masking can be achieved by three main principles: preventing contact of trigger molecule and taste receptors, covering the unpleasant taste sensation by a pleasant one, and inhibiting the taste receptor response. Different techniques used for taste masking of pharmaceutical products. Taste masking is necessary when a drug administrated orally has an unpleasant taste to increase the palatability of bitter tasting drugs. Hence increases the patient compliance for better therapeutic effect.

Features of Taste Masking Pellets:

  • Highly effective
  • Premium quality
  • Market leading price

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