About Us

Ravoos Laboratories Limited, a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability in the world of pharmaceuticals. As a leading manufacturer of Pharma Pellets and Intermediates, we at Ravoos are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that contribute to the success of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ravoos Laboratories Limited is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company located in Hyderabad, South India.

Ravoos Laboratories Limited (RLL) made modest foray in the year 2003 in the arena of Pellets & Taste Masked Granules for the Healthcare Industry. After putting up unswerving dedication in this field, new vistas naturally opened for us globally.

Through meticulous manufacturing of Pellets and Taste Masked granules and constant improvisation of existing products and developing new products as per the market requirements, we carved out a niche for itself in the Global Pharma Industry.


Our Vision

RLL’s has a global vision which is based always on a broader perspective. RLL’s strong belief is to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices to the mankind at large. At RLL we believe that there is no compromise on the heath of human being.


Our Mission

“Is to develop and market well-researched products, to be created to the human race all over the world, thus creating global brand in all the markets, and increase the market share for RLL and its partners all over the world.”