"Our Manufacturing facility is build with the state of art technology which meets cGMP requirements of Schedule-M, ICH, WHO, EDQM etc.,"

We do have advanced manufacturing equipments, with different capacity Fluid Bed Coaters (350 -750Kg), Conventional coating pans, Sifters, Tray driers, Pulverizers, Blenders etc., all made up of SS 316L material.

Our Manufacturing facility is supported with best Air Handling Systems which are supported with HEPA filters and Air Conditioning to maintain clean room environment and to provide ambient climatic zone to support manufacturing process and Healthy Environment for work force, which meets ISO Class 8 clean room requirements.
Water used in the Process is generated by best in class Dual RO - EDI water system.

Our Analytical facility is supported with fully Air Conditioning and Microbiology Laboratories are provided with Laminar Air Flow and the environmental conditions in the microbial laboratory are maintained with separate AHU's which meets ISO class 6 and surrounding environment with ISO Class 7.

The salient features of RLL’s infrastructure are:

  • Plant constructed in Green pollution free zone.
  • Unidirectional process flow, which address cross contamination issues..
  • Production on campaign basis.
  • Air handling units to meet ISO Class -8.
  • Oil and moisture free Compressed air.
  • Steam generated with Rock coal and Brickets.
  • Capacity to manufacture and supply 500-1000Kg batch size.
  • Monthly capacity of 60-80 MT.
  • Dual RO-EDI water generation systems to meet pharmacopeia requirements.