Enteric Coated Pellets Manufacturers

With decades of experience, Ravoos Laboratories Sustain Release Pellets Exporter has extensive pharmaceutical applications to achieve the exact drug release profile desired. In addition, our team of experts is always available to offer formulation expertise and technical support team to help and modulate drug delivery profiles as per your requirement and need. Sustained release applications is specially designed with latest technologies for pellets formulation, development, and production of pellets or tablets and multi particulates, including mini-tablets, drug-loaded pellets drug crystals and granules. The Ravoos Laboratories range of pellets is designed with the flexibility to adjust drug release rates.


Sustain Release Pellets:

Sustained release pellets were prepared by extrusion and spheronization a promising pelletization technique using both combinations of water-soluble and permeable polymers to encapsulate active drug components by applying 32 full factorial design. The pellets designed by sustain release pellets exporter is of spray coating technique and the pellets were characterized for its flow ability, friability, sphericity, and in vitro drug release.

Solution Offered By Us:

  • Developing a process suitable for your product.
  • Technology transfer of pharmaceutical products with the line of equipment
  • Deciding the right kind of technology or equipment for the products.
  • Making ready to fill Sustain Release Pellets and granules.