Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers in India

Ravoos Laboratories Ltd is an integrated Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers in India. Manufacturing and marketing wide of pharmaceutical API, pellets, granules, powders, tablets etc.


Pharmaceutical Pellets:

Pellets are small free flowing; comprehensive particulates manufactured by the agglomeration of the fine powder or granules. There is a different type of techniques used to produce pharmaceutical pellets are referred to as pelletization techniques. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical pellet offers a high degree flexibility in design & development of oral dosage form. The most common uses of pelletization processes are powder layering, solution or suspension layering, extrusion spheronization, freeze pelletization, hot melt extrusion, wet spherical agglomeration, cryo-pelletization, spherical crystallization, high shear pelletization, crystallo-co-agglomeration etc.

Our Pharmaceutical Pellets:

Our Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacture as per the norms under the strict supervision of expert pharmacists. Ravoos, Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers in India offer pellets to our valuable clients at cost-effective prices. The company is widely involved in manufacturing sustain release pellets, enteric coated pellets, taste masking pellets and granules, and also ready to compress granules for tablets of various API's(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Our pharmaceutical pellets are recognized for its formulation, purity, and a good shelf life.