Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India

Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India, our company has established itself as a strong player in the market, supported by its strong team of professionals, powerful research and development division and committed to delivering better and healthy pharmaceutical drugs through high-quality drugs. These pellets are widely used pelletization techniques especially are hot melt extrusion and extrusion spheronization with advanced methods and applications in pharmaceutical industries. Because today's extrusion techniques represent a powerful pathway for pharmaceutical drug delivery system.


Pharmaceutical Pelletizing Solutions:

Pharmaceutical Pellets offer many additional features when compared with conventional tablets. Ravoos laboratories manufacturing company offers a comprehensive range of pellets and helps you to choose the best formulation and drugs that suit your needs. Our Pharmaceutical Pelletizing Solutions include a spheronization and extrusion, pelletization can be achieved active powder layering and liquid layering, pelletization by melt and wet granulation. Ravoos Laboratories,(Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India) has its own pharmaceutical pellets manufacturing facilities based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Our manufacturing facilities are designed CGMP and WHO GMP certified.

Our Pharmaceutical Pellets:

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