Omeprazole Pellets Manufacturers Hyderabad

Ravoos Laboratories Limited, one of best and leading Omeprazole Pellets Manufacturers Hyderabad. We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporters of Omeprazole Pellets, lansoprazole pellets, esomeprazole pellets, esomeprazole micro pellets, pantoprazole pellets, itraconazole pellets, indomethacin pellets etc. The company is widely involved in manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical products to a number of countries.


Omeprazole Pellets:

Omeprazole Pellets disperse freely within the digestive tube and consequently maximize the drug absorption, minimize local irritation of the membrane by bound infliction drugs due to the small amount of drug which is offered in single pellet and reduce inter and intrapatient variability. The smooth surface and the uniform size of the pellets permit uniform coating not just for every pellet however also from batch to batch.

Manufacturing Facility:

Omeprazole Pellets Manufacturers Hyderabad, The Pharmaceutical Pellets production area is equipped air handling units and specially designed to comply with the CGMP and WHO GMP requirements. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with coating pans, fluid bed coaters, spray drying coaters and other advanced equipment. Our company also has global operations in Bangladesh, Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, Brazil and etc.